Croft Edwards’ passion is coaching clients to reach for #LeadershipFlow - a heightened state of being which in turn produces peak performance at critical moments. His methodology has evolved over many years of leadership in the military, and coaching business leaders and teams. His approach begins with Self Mastery, where clients develop a clear understanding of themselves and what is masking their authentic nature. A powerful synthesis of language, moods and emotion, and history are developed through three systems of action.

CROFT + Company works with organizations and leaders to create a more powerful and meaningful future aligned with their vision by helping them with increasing their capacity to keep pace with change. All of the CROFT + Company coaches and consultants are not only experts in leadership and change, but also effective leaders in their own right. CROFT + Company’s methodology is based on LeadershipFlow, which is an ongoing set of practices designed to create a heightened state of being producing peak performances and critical moments. When Leaders are in Flow, powerful futures open up.